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Our aim is to give you the customer the best advise and help so you get the installation completed with as little fuss and as little mess as possible. Our unique "state of the art" installation process allows us to achieve this and we always aim to give you more for less than you expect to pay.
Not increasing landfill with waste Speed of installation without disruption Can be installed where traditional foundations can't be Drains do not have to be moved Not weather or size restricted Totally bespoke Unique state of the art installation 3 to 10 Days completion Competitive on price

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SSE Base and Wall Systems
Full Height / Dwarf Wall Extension / Conservatory Base System
(U.K. patent no. 2 351096)  Standing on concrete pads and bolted to the house wall, this system gives a level accurate footing to build your extension/conservatory wall.  Manufactured to the exact size required and levelled by screw adjusters under the feet, it eliminates the need for accurate setting out and full scale footings.  The outer skin of the wall can be extended by up to 600mm below d.c.m. overcoming difficulties experienced on most sloping sites.  The base is completed with an insulated, suspended floor.
Modular Extension/Conservatory Base System
A fast, clean solution to the problems of traditional brickwork, eliminating the need for a bricklayer on site.  The wallconsists of a strong galvanised frame with specially profiled building board made to the exact size and shape of your conservatory, providing a base onto which genuine clay brick tiles are bonded to give a tough lightweight brick wall system.  The frames are pre-clad and  pre-pointed just leaving the bridging tiles to be inserted over the frame joins.  The hollow frames can conceal plumbing, electrical cables and insulation material.  This system incorporated with our prefabricated base system is delivered to site ready made, allowing your conservatory to be installed in the minimum of time.

Full height panel/glass to ground Conservatory Base System
Standing on concrete pads and bolted to the house wall, this system is a fast, clean and efficient way of providing an accurate and level footing for your full height conservatory.  The extension/conservatory sill fits directly to the outer beam of the base and is completed with an insulated floor.  The exterior of the base can be finished with a choice of cladding, including uPVC board, wood, pyroc or a brick clad fascia.

SSE Pre-fabricated walls for extensions/conservatories
The SSE Modular wall system offers a revolutionary method of building brick full height/dwarf walls for single story extensions/conservatories. Factory produced walls, indistinguishable from the real thing, eliminate bricklaying and dramactically speeds up construction time whilst maintaining a consistently high standard of appearance.

The panels are supplied fully clad but with alternate end brick slips missing. Spare slips are supplied together with adhesive and special pointing mortar so that once the panels are bolted together the missing slips are applied and then pointed to give a continuous finish and invisible joint.

Panel ends are pre-drilled to ensure a perfect alignment and ribbing to ensure the slips line up correctly. The panels are a lightweight, dry and instant wall construction which will greatly reduce construction time and eliminate mess usually associated with bricklaying, i.e water, cement, brick, rubble and dust.

Installation does not require fine weather and the single story extension/conservatory installation can continue immediately the walls have been installed with no waiting for cement bonds to cure as with conventional construction.