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Our aim is to give you the customer the best advise and help so you get the installation completed with as little fuss and as little mess as possible. Our unique "state of the art" installation process allows us to achieve this and we always aim to give you more for less than you expect to pay.
Not increasing landfill with waste Speed of installation without disruption Can be installed where traditional foundations can't be Drains do not have to be moved Not weather or size restricted Totally bespoke Unique state of the art installation 3 to 10 Days completion Competitive on price

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D.I.Y. Why not?
Step 1
Choose the site of your Single story extensions. Remember the Steel Base can be sited anywhere, even on a sloping site
Step 2
Install the concrete pads as per the plan supplied. Note the lack of mess and disruption.

Step 3
Lay down the Steel Base and level using the adjustable legs, then fix to the house wall.

Step 4
Attach brick skirt and modular wall to Steel Base and finish by fixing the bridging tiles in place.
Traditional Build v’s  Steel Base
Sl.No Traditional Build   Steel Base
1 Footing, Base, Dwarf walls 3/4 Days Pads, Base, Walls   1 Day
2 Drying, Curing, 7/10 Days Drying, Curing    0 Day
3  Drying out before laying tiles 7 Days Drying out for tiles 0 Day
4 Laying tiles 2nd Fix electrics   1 Day Laying tiles, 2nd Fix electrics 1 Day
5 Laying tiles 2nd Fix 1 Day Laying tiles 2nd Fix   1 Day
6 Erection average   3 Days Erection average 3 Day
      Minimum total: 22 Days  Minimum total: 6Days
The traditional build is based on fine weather, which is not a factor with Steel Base as it can be constructed in all-weather, which puts you in complete control.