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Our aim is to give you the customer the best advise and help so you get the installation completed with as little fuss and as little mess as possible. Our unique "state of the art" installation process allows us to achieve this and we always aim to give you more for less than you expect to pay.
Not increasing landfill with waste Speed of installation without disruption Can be installed where traditional foundations can't be Drains do not have to be moved Not weather or size restricted Totally bespoke Unique state of the art installation 3 to 10 Days completion Competitive on price

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Green Technology
We now live in a fast an ever changing technological world, just look at the last ten years what has happened within the computer industry, well these same changes are about to happen in the environmental world. We have thankfully become more aware of our surroundings and the need for positive change to make our world cleaner and a better environment to live in for our children and their children to come in the years ahead.

Green technologies come in many different guises, we are now all too familiar with talk of Wind power generation, of Solar, Hydro, Under Soil heating and LED lighting which are fast becoming more and more imbedded into our way of thinking going forward, hastened no doubt by the rising costs of our present day usage of Gas and Electric. The smart one's amongst us realise the writing is on the wall that we need to invest to buffer these costs for our future wellbeing and the wellbeing of our families. The problem is, its all too expensive, sounds familiar, well it need not be, as part of our service we are more than happy to talk to you about these technologies and you might be surprised to know that in the vast majority of cases we can provide these technologies free of charge, yes I did say FREE.

Now is the time for you to make your change for the future before legislation closes that door, we offer you a free consultation and if you qualify you can enjoy future technologies with piece of mind and at no cost to you.

With our partner PowerGen Direct we can offer you a free consultation about these new technologies and the best possible course of action to suit your needs and your pocket for the future.