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Our aim is to give you the customer the best advise and help so you get the installation completed with as little fuss and as little mess as possible. Our unique "state of the art" installation process allows us to achieve this and we always aim to give you more for less than you expect to pay.
Not increasing landfill with waste Speed of installation without disruption Can be installed where traditional foundations can't be Drains do not have to be moved Not weather or size restricted Totally bespoke Unique state of the art installation 3 to 10 Days completion Competitive on price

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Led Lighting
The benefits of LED lighting solutions are so powerful that many customers are initially sceptical about the product and what  it will do, but ended up being pleseantly suprised by not just the end result but also by the incredble savings to be made.

LED lighting itself is not new, but its application to replace traditional more powerfull incandescent and halogen lighting is very recent. PowerGen Direct has been at the forefront of developing LED's to work in commercial market applications such as restaurants, hotels, retail, galleries, and casinos and now in the home. If you have tried and been unsatisfied with CFL or LED lighting in the past we urge you to try our product and compare the colour and light output with your traditional lighting. We are very confident you will ask yourself why you did not install our lighting sooner.
PowerGen Direct LED offer a solution for you:
Up to 80% energy reduction compared with traditional lighting.40,000 to 50,000 hour bulb life compared to 1500 hours averaged with halogen and incandescent lighting.Easy installation with screw in and MR16 bases: No costly retrofitting is required.No mercury or other harmful substances as is found in fluorescent lighting.Better for the enviroment saving on carbon emmisions.Custom manufactured to your lighting specifications: Kelvin colour, beam spread, and light output.Return on Investment of 1.3 year on average.Years between changes, great in those alkward hard to get at places.Highest quality of light on the market: Our light quality is better than traditional lighting.
The LED or light emitting diode is the technological core of the LED lighting market. There are several large diode manufactures such as Cree, Philips, and Nichia as well as lesser known cheaper manufacturers. We won’t use this area to pitch one diode as better than the other. We do strongly believe though, that it is best to stick with a well known diode manufacturer. What also is important to understand is the difference among diode models even from the same manufacturer. Because many manufactures, including PowerGen Direct, use similar lamp housings or heat synchs many consumers assume that the lamps are essentially the same. However, what is inside LED lamps can be vastly different even when the exterior looks strikingly similar.

So whilst your now ready to install your brand new Single story extensions or Single Storey Extension, let us also talk to you about your Lighting or Solar needs.