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Our aim is to give you the customer the best advise and help so you get the installation completed with as little fuss and as little mess as possible. Our unique "state of the art" installation process allows us to achieve this and we always aim to give you more for less than you expect to pay.
Not increasing landfill with waste Speed of installation without disruption Can be installed where traditional foundations can't be Drains do not have to be moved Not weather or size restricted Totally bespoke Unique state of the art installation 3 to 10 Days completion Competitive on price

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Solar Power
PowerGen Direct brings you Free Solar Panels
Are you eligible for a free Solar Panel System?
If your home has the right kind of roof, you could be eligible for free solar panels, free installation and free maintenance which could save you more than a third of your energy bills.
Let PowerGen Direct immense expertise bring Solar Energy to your home, saving you money and offering you the opportunity to play your part in contributing towards the UK's and worlds sustainability drive. Be part of that change and take control of your energy bills.
Why should you get solar panels from PowerGen Direct?
You'll begin saving money on your electricity bills straight away.You get free electricity from the sun, which is great for the environment.As energy cost continue to rise your protected and saving moneyYou get free maintenance for 25 yearsYou most likely will be increasing the value of your homeYou'll reduce your carbon footprint and living more sustainably.
What kind of roof do you need to get free solar panels?
There are a few criteria your roof will need to meet:
Be due south facing, the further south and west, the betterNot shaded, even a 3% shaded roof may not prove worthwhileHave about 30 metres squared of clear spaceNot a listed building, or in a conservation area.
If your roof isn't quite perfect, don’t worry there are other options available for you.
The PowerGenDirect's Share Systems are made for non-qualifying properties with smaller roofs. If your roof is suitable for a Solar Share System, then it will only cost you a one-off fee of £500 and £5 a month, with free maintenance for 25 years. This will still save you significant amounts of money on your bills.
What will incorporating Solar Panels involve?
Our Free Consultation – PowerGen Direct will consult to you either over the phone or face to face and check your home is suitability. We will calculate out how much electricity you could generate, and discuss Free Solar and Solar Share options.Including a Free Technical Survey – PowerGen Direct will survey your roof, check its condition, structure, slope, orientation, and size. They will check for any Building Regulations approval where required and all other regulations on your behalf.Our Proposal – PowerGen Direct will inform you in its recommendations including the required panel numbers based on your homes survey, showing the systems layout including a description of how it will look, once completed.The Installation – PowerGen Direct keeps you fully informed every step of the way. The installation normally takes a day - and there is very little disruption.Free On-going Repair – PowerGen Direct will have in place for you a full maintenance program which be continuously monitoring your product to ensure maximum productivity, this service will be cost free to you